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Cultural weekend or tremendous entertainments, there’s always something going on: exhibitions, museums, unusual cultural sites to explore and festival venues to share. In the day, at night, in both big and small towns, there is always something to discover in Rhône-Alpes. 

The Alps are a great destination to get a bowl of fresh air and to enjoy many sports activities just as much as during the Summer time (canoying, biking, VTT, zip ling, etc.) than in Winter for all winter sports.
A perfect place for skiing events!

Strasbourg, the region’s capital is linked by TGV bullet train in only 2h15 from Paris. Alsace becomes the ultimate region of France to discover. 
Strasbourg is not only a cosmopolitan city with a wonderful 16th-century centre but it also hosts the European Parliament.

The Bordeaux World Heritage site is the largest urban entity to be so honoured. It covers 1,810 hectares, or half of the city, from the outer boulevards to the banks of the Garonne. Bordeaux has been classified a “City of Art and History” and is home to one of Europe’s largest collection of 18th-Century architecture! The city boasts the largest square in Europe (Esplanade des Quinconces) and lots of amazing sights, such as Porte Cailhau, The church of St Pierre, the Cité du Vin, Pont-de-Pierre and much more.
Surrounding Bordeaux are the world-renowned vineyards and wine châteaux !

Burgundy: a region full of flavour, waiting to be sampled! 
From celebrated vineyards to remarkable châteaux, you will discover the jewelled heart of this unique French region … unique for the quality of its wines and the richness of its dishes, for the beauty of its enchanting rolling landscapes and for its multitude of picturesque, appealing little villages where events have a very special taste.

Champagne in every language is the ultimate symbol of success and celebration. Here in the Champagne region, your events will take on a special sparkle with us. 
Almost at the gate of Paris (at 45mn from Paris centre by TGV train), the Champagne region offers a diversity of venues and facilities to ensure the perfect setting for your conferences, seminars and above all for your incentive events.

Drawn by its mild climate and rolling scenery, our French monarchs fell under the spell of the Loire Valley and made it their “Valley of the Kings”. 
Cradle of royalty and land of poets, the Loire Valley is the quintessence of France’s great cultural heritage, but also a land of milk and honey. 
Let Loire Valley Connection’s creativity cats its spell on you...

When we talk about the famous Principality of Monaco, wonder and prestige are the key words that come to mind.
An independent European state, Monaco has developed its economy and its tourism over the years, securing the destination as both attractive and secure.
Making the most of its Mediterranean climate, visitors are dazzled by the diversity of activities that this exceptional region has to offer.
Whatever favourite you may have, be it sea or mountain or a quiet stroll through the beautiful gardens or you may be a sports enthusiast a culture buff or try your luck at the casino, Monaco knows how to please all tastes.
It is the ideal destination for all your events!

From ultra-modern Le Tréport to the Mont-Saint-Michel, the Normandy coast exhibits an astonishing variety of landscapes. Here, the sea sculpts the cliffs with the pounding of its waves, creating a fantasy architecture.

The historical D-Day beaches are also a must see while visiting the region. There, where its waters stretch on towards infinity, the sea comes to rest on vast expanses of golden sand that disappear and reappear with the tide, and the very air is fruit of new promise. A perfect location for amazing events.

The City of Lights is also the world conference capital. So unique, so exceptional. 
One of the key attractions of the French capital, universally appreciated for the quality of its hotels, the diversity of its cuisine and its savoir faire. 
A lifestyle that is reflected in a myriad of ways, be it at a starred restaurant or during a shopping extravaganza in one of the latest designer districts or during one of our tailor made events.

The Basque Country covers the regions found within the Southwestern lands of France, from the Pyrenees mountain range to the Atlantic coast. The Basque Country is found on and in near proximity to the littoral. Spain borders the Southern regions and Bordeaux is to the North. Aquitaine meaning ’the land of water’ is the name given to the region in total. 

The agreeable year round climate, pure environment and strong notion of hospitality along with an exceptional range of sports and the fines French and Spanish cuisine make the Basque Country an ideal destination for amazing events.

***The Mediterranean seaside: The French Riviera

The “Côte d’Azur”, the famous French Riviera which stretches from Hyères to Menton is set up to receive a large and rather affluent business clientele. The cities and coastline abound with first class hotels, in restaurants, chic “boutiques”, private beaches and luxury houses. 
But the coast is also “ La Camargue” and its keepers, and the great ports of Marseille, Toulon and Nice, all three, gateways to Africa since ancient times.
With a diversity of landscapes and unlimited activities, the French Riviera is truly a land of enchantment, the perfect place for France Connection

***Provence : 

The heart of Provence is in the hills that bind the sea to the Alps. These are the sloping vineyards, the cultivated lands and the colorful lavender scenery that charmed Cezanne (Aix en Provence),Van Gogh (Arles), Chagall or Giono. 
In Provence (or the Midi) the local people have a soft singing accent which evokes their whole relaxed lifestyle. They have no greater pleasure after a hard days work than to enjoy a delicious and hardy meal shared with friends... 
This is the picturesque Provence that will be the perfect place for your exclusive events.